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There are different sides of Maryland that can be explored and they include treasured gems like Eastern Shore and unique Chesapeake Bay

A Distinct Taste of Maryland

Dec 27, 2013

With bone-chilling winter weather bearing down on us, we are sure it isn’t the most perfect time to think about what you are going to do with your family. Or is it?

There is so much to be had in Maryland during summer that it isn’t possible to have them all listed out in one article but we can give you a roundup of what you can look out for when you are over here in Baltimore Maryland. Maryland’s got a very deep history with the sea, this could be something new for first-timers but Maryland is surrounded by amazing bodies of water.

Baltimore is the sailing capital of the world

The above goes towards showing you that when you make your way here in your Maryland charter bus, missing out on some of the world’s most famous activities in Baltimore could dampen the vacation. What this means is that you should bring your friends and family for an outing of unabashed fun.

The Eastern Shore of Maryland is:-

  • is home to nearly 8% of Maryland’s residents
  • It consists of 9 counties, namely Caroline, Cecil, Dorchester, Kent, Queen Anne’s, Somerset, Talbot, Wicomico and Worcester
  • Ocean City’s skyline is extremely unique - tall condominiums and hotels stand out against a beautiful coastal skyline
  • Camping, kayaking, fishing, carnival rides, restaurants, bars, arcade centers, family entertainment centers, boutiques, cafes and other similar beach-side outlets are scattered all around the shoreline. You can’t miss them even if you tried.

A distinct historical beachside community

As with other beach communities, the lifestyle of these folks are unique to themselves and as a visitor, it is enchanting to learn more about how they go about their daily lives but what is even more interesting, we will have you know, is their unique culture and festivals.

Some of these activities includes:-

  • One of the biggest cycling event in Seagull Century of Maryland
  • a KCBS barbecuing competition where it showcases local talents who are adept in their barbecuing skills putting up a good fight with local chefs
  • A wine and craft beer festival called Pork in the Park
  • Waterfowl Festival every November, it runs for three days and attracts foreigners as well as local enthusiasts

Chesapeake - Maryland’s treasured gem

The locals are both incredibly proud of and yet, supportive and protective of the active preservation of Chesapeake Bay. Although Chesapeake shares the mid-Atlantic seasons, the all-year-round temperature is pleasant and sometimes, more bearable than other parts of the country.

Spring activities includes the likes of Paddle for the Border which is a kayak-racing game at Dismal Swamp Canal. Come Fall, everyone loves to head outdoors at events like the Great American Food Fest, Symphony Under the Stars and Heritage Days. Worry not if you are coming over during winter months because you can take the chance to discover history at Battle of Great Bridge and of course, if you are going to be around during Christmas time, then it would have to be a stopover at Chesapeake Christmas Parade.

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